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Hey! You've reached my little corner of the web.

I am a very spazzy person and this is where I will rant, make a fuss and divulge the daily rituals of my life. This journal is also to keep track of my friends and people I know without my fandom journal getting overly cluttered.

I'm also an insanely busy person who has unfortunately not been able to participate in fandom these past few years. I have a tendency to seek out new hobbies and activities >_>. Between uni, work and the ever growing number of new crafts I pick up, I get very busy especially with helping to organise the SMASH! anime convention with an awesome and lively group of people.

My hobbies are varied, with some coming and going as I don't have the time I want to devote to it.
You might have also noticed I'm a huge fan of crafts and textile arts. I currently knit, crochet, sew, embroider and am looking to learn tatting. I'm a "commute crafter" (we so need a club), as I find the time when I journey on the train is the best time to work on a project. I enjoy reading sci-fi novels and fantasy epics. I make the very rare cosplay on occasion but it's more for the process of making something. I'm currently courting an interest in ABJDs particularly with making intricate miniature clothing.